Website Management

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Create website

website We will create a stunning website, to suite your needs, using your content.

Create graphics/logos

graphics Create graphics and logos to suite your requirements.

Update Joomla CMS

joomla We use Joomla CMS, we will ensure that the version we use is updated and secure.

Backup website

offers Monthly backup of website and intergrated database.

Add new pages

updatecontent Whenever you need new web pages, catergory's, articles, etc we will create them for you.

Maintain database

Admin The heart of yor website is the database, we will maintain the system on a regular bais.

Update content

dedicated Whenever we recieve content from you, we will update the website.

Create contact forms

contactforms We will create appropriate forms to support your requirements, Contact Us, Call Back, Booking, etc.

Create website themes

paint We will ensure that your website is fresh and up to date, chnaging the theme to suite your needs.

Add menus

editmenu Update the website navigation to reflect your requirements.

Integrate videos

videoeditor We can integrate your YouTube and/or Vimeo videos into your website.

Google maps

googlemaps We will use Google Maps to show your business location and/or operating area.

Google AdWords

adwords Manage AdWord campaigns, determine Ad Group and Keywords.


slideshow A great feature is to run a slideshow on the home page.

Mobile Website

mobile We will make your website Mobile friendly.